Tech Bag September 2015

Huge update to my tech bag. For starters, I’m starting to refer to it as a tech bag, rather than a go bag, b/c I started a YouTube channel and Go Bag means something different outside of this blog. On top of that, everything except the laptop & iPad have changed!

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EDC 03/2014

I obsess about the stuff I carry on my person even more than the stuff I carry around in my bag. This is what I currently carry.

You can see older iterations here, if there are any.

  • Handkerchief
  • Phone (Nexus 5 w/EFF sticker)
  • Saddleback Leather Wallet
  • Calling Cards
  • Part of the EFF sticker back; reads: Say it out loud: “I want an attorney” and “I invoke my right to remain silent.”
  • Credit card-sized folding phone stand (been carrying it for years; can’t remember where it came from)
  • Keychain
    • TEC P-7 clip (I LOVE this thing. It’s all the advantage of carrying a lanyard on your keys w/o looking like a goon while it hangs out of your pocket.)
    • S-biner
    • Swiss Army Knife w/pen & flashlight
    • Ear plugs in a cash stash
    • Keys
    • USB Stick
    • Happiness opener
  • Watch
  • Notebook; reads: PLEASE Do the right thing
  • Fisher Space Pen
  • Chapstick

My phone bill this month was negative one dollars

I’ve carried a cell phone for about 10 years, and I barely ever use it. Between Twitter, IM, Skype, and Google Voice, I could conceivably shut if off completely, and never know the difference. The only remotely regular phone calls I make are about once or twice per month to my parents. Because of that, I use probably less than 75 minutes per month. On top of that, I’ve had texting turned off for over a year, since no one knows my cell number; everyone has my Google Voice number. So if someone texts me, it comes in via Google Voice over my data connection. And with wifi at home and at work, the places I spend the majority of my time, I use very little data. Despite all that, I was paying about $80 / month on AT&T’s lowest minutes plan (500 / month), no texting, and 2nd lowest data plan (2GB / month). I don’t need all that.

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My Entire Closet Fits Into a Carry-On

I had no goals or intentions when I started getting more hardcore about minimalism. I knew I wanted less Stuff, and I now have less Stuff. But a big part of this for me is about clothes. Not too long ago, I fled an apartment in the night, because of a crazy roommate. Not too long after that, I moved 700 miles via 4 suitcases and 3 (big) UPS boxes. I want to be able to grab my most important belongings at a moments notice and be in the wind. I have no plans to do this, but I like the idea that I could. Because of that, I recently decided on a completely arbitrary goal: I want my entire closet to fit into a single carry-on.

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I own fewer than 250 things*

This was supposed to be an update on my inventory. But it turned into a weird simultaneous anti- and post- consumer rant. I decided to leave it this way, because it was the first time I thought some of this so far through. But I thought this note was important, because it may seem disjointed.

On March 5th of this year, I took a personal inventory. A literal inventory. I have heard people refer to their “personal inventory” in other rainbows & unicorns, life-coach, spirituality ways before. That isn’t what I did. What I did was count all the stuff I own, and write it down in a spreadsheet. You can see my blog post about it here. About a week later, I got rid of 1/4 of the stuff, and I blogged about that too.

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