Raspberry Pi Mail Server: Final Touches

Updates: It turns out the relayhost setting below didn’t work for me. Here’s what I did instead.

If you’ve read any of my prvious posts about this (previous posts listed here), you’ll know they pretty much all included a “Next Steps” section. I have finally finished everything on the lists, so unless I discover I’ve done something wrong, or I think of something else this needs, I should be done with this project. Here’s what was left, which I’ll cover in this post:


More Raspberry Pi: Calendar Syncing, Spam & Filtering

Calendar Syncing: Radicale

After I got a mail server running on my Raspberry Pi, I tried to find a way to sync my calendar and contacts to my phone, and computer. I was using Own Cloud, which handles contacts and calendar well. Unfortunately, Own Cloud was built for file syncing (like a self-hosted Dropbox), except it’s REALLY bad at it. It didn’t make sense to use it for the two add-on things I needed, since I couldn’t trust it to serve its primary purpose. I went looking for alternatives, and found Radicale.

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Building a Raspberry Pi Mail Server: How

My Raspberry Pi Mail Server - Pre-assembly

My Raspberry Pi Mail Server – Pre-assembly

Now that I’ve ranted about why I decided to build my own mail server, it’s time to explain how.

In order to build my own mail server, I decided to use Postfix and Dovecot on a Raspberry Pi. I chose these three very specifically. Postfix and Dovecot are the go-to for building a mail server, and Raspberry Pis have been the home server of choice ever since they were announced. By selecting these, I was certain I would be able to get the most community support, and I would be able to find the most comprehensive guides on how to set everything up.

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Building a Raspberry Pi Mail Server: Why

Updates: @seanbonner has a great post on privacy vs security, which really gets at the heart of what I was trying to say at the end of this post, but in a much more easy to understand way. You should really check it out.

I also blogged about the technical details of how I build the mail server. That post is here.

My Raspberry Pi Mail Server

My Rasberry Pi Mail Server

For a long time, I’ve used Google for mail, calendar, and contact storing and syncing. I also used it for RSS. When Google announced they were shutting down Google Reader, I sort of panicked and started moving all of my various web stuffs off of free services. I moved my Tumblr and Blogger blogs to Hostgator WordPress instances, tried multiple new RSS readers, and tried replacing Dropbox, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts with Owncloud. Most importantly, I moved 6 years of email off of Gmail and into Hostgator’s mail servers.

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