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<3 Blackberry Pearl 8130

Blackberry Pearl 8130, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I, Marvin Acme, of sound mind and body…

Seriously though, the Pearl is by far the best phone I have ever had. For oh so many reasons. Not only that, but it is the best PDA I have ever had. Oh, btw, bonus points to the first person to recognize the reference and put it in the comments.

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Convert an Old Laptop Into a Digital Photo Frame (2: Hardware)

After getting the idea from this blog, I went to Walmart and found a basket to put the laptop board in. The laptop still needs the hard drive ( for now ), so I left that in, but removed the cd-rom and floppy drives. The heatsink was an issue. It has a giant piece of metal stuck to it, that was no longer vital, so I thought about ripping it off, until I realized I didn’t have a good way to attach the motherboard to the basket. I ended up cutting the wire connecting the speakers to the motherboard out, and wrapping them through the basket and around the weird metal piece. I didn’t get a good picture of what I am talking about, but you can see it a little bit in this picture.

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