EDC July 2015

My EDC has changed quite a lot since the last time I posted over a year ago. New phone, new knife, new KEYS. Basically the only stuff that’s the same is my wallet, pen, and ever present EFF sticker on the back of whatever phone I’m carrying.

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EDC 03/2014

I obsess about the stuff I carry on my person even more than the stuff I carry around in my bag. This is what I currently carry.

You can see older iterations here, if there are any.

  • Handkerchief
  • Phone (Nexus 5 w/EFF sticker)
  • Saddleback Leather Wallet
  • Calling Cards
  • Part of the EFF sticker back; reads: Say it out loud: “I want an attorney” and “I invoke my right to remain silent.”
  • Credit card-sized folding phone stand (been carrying it for years; can’t remember where it came from)
  • Keychain
    • TEC P-7 clip (I LOVE this thing. It’s all the advantage of carrying a lanyard on your keys w/o looking like a goon while it hangs out of your pocket.)
    • S-biner
    • Swiss Army Knife w/pen & flashlight
    • Ear plugs in a cash stash
    • Keys
    • USB Stick
    • Happiness opener
  • Watch
  • Notebook; reads: PLEASE Do the right thing
  • Fisher Space Pen
  • Chapstick