Liner Notes

Commodores – The Commodores


I have heard both Brick House and Easy countless times. They’re all over the radio; plus movies, tv shows, and commercials. I never realized A) they’re both by The Commodores (somehow I was under the impression that Brick House was a Rick James song), and 2) they’re on the same album. I also had no idea that Lionel Ritchie was in the band. I guess what I’m getting at is in addition to really enjoying this album, I also learned a lot about The Commodores today.

I’ve always thought Easy was a little corny. I don’t know if my opinion has mellowed or it’s because of its association with Baby Driver now or what, but I’ve definitely learned to appreciate that song more. I also really enjoyed Won’t You Come Dance With Me and Funky Situation. All for completely different reasons. The songs on this album vary quite a bit in tone, which makes it surprising to me that it holds together so well.

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