Skipping Kashmere, because I've already listened to it, next on the list of songs from the Baby Driver Soundtrack is Unsquare Dance by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. By the time both of the aforementioned songs played in the movie, I was already in love w/the music. So when two songs in a row came up that I thought were not super well known but I still recognized I felt pretty full of myself. I've been a fan of Dave Brubeck for a long time, but aside from listening to Time Out a couple times, I'm not sure I've ever actually listened to one of his albums before. But I have listened to a handful of his songs many times on shuffle.

At any rate, while listening to this album today I had a strange feeling. I was enjoying the album but aside from a couple of standout tracks (Unsquare Dance and Bru's Boogie Woogie in particular) there was nothing noteworthy about this album. But then it occurred to me that the fact that this album is sort of unremarkable is, in itself, remarkable. The first two tracks on this album are in 3/4 time (think waltz). The next two in 4/4, like most modern/pop music. After that, the time signature keeps … advancing? The thing that happens with the "tempos" as the liner notes refer to them is unique; which means I don't even know how to describe what they're doing. After the 4/4 songs is a 5/4, followed by a 6/4, then 7/4, then 8/8 and finally 9/8. The fact that this album has songs in so many wacky time signatures (the only other song I can even think of in 7/4 is Pink Floyd's Money), yet somehow seems a little too run of the mill is astonishing in hindsight. The quartet managed to make weirdly nerdy music while also keeping it accessible.


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