When they point out in the movie that Baby is listening to Egyptian Reggae, I thought it was a genre. I guess it might still be, but it was actually the name of the song he was listening to. There's a lot of songs on this album that sound sort of like Egyptian Reggae, but what struck me while listening to Rock 'n' Roll with the Modern Lovers is that the ones that sound the most like it are covers of traditional songs. Tracks 1 (Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Feng)) and 7 (South American Folk Song) are good examples of this. If that sounds weird, it is. The whole album is. I mean, track 12 is a cover of Wheels on the Bus! And somehow it kinda works! If I had to try to describe this album, it would be if Velvet Underground tried to make a Beach Boys album. Weird.


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