Liner Notes

Green Day – Dookie


One of my favorite stories from my childhood involves this album. It was my first CD. I got it and a Sony Discman for my 13th birthday. At my party, my conservative Catholic uncle took the CD insert from me to show my dad the lyrics to Longview. “It’s too late now,” my dad said. “He’s had the cassette since Easter.”

That was 20 years ago today, and I think I enjoyed listening to it again today as much as I did then. I can’t tell you when the last time was that I actually sat down and listened to this record. I can tell you that I still remember almost all of the lyrics, and I still like almost every single song (never did care for that bonus track). I remember reading somewhere that the reason music you listened to you when you were in your early teens sticks with you so hard has to do with the actual structure of your brain at that age. I guess that’s why I love this album so much; I’m doomed to love it forever.


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