It’s kind of hard to describe the YouTube show Signal Boost. Ostensibly it’s just a show where invited guests “Boost” some of their favorite things so viewers can check out cool new (or old) comics or movies or what have you. But then it gets into all this weird meta-humor that makes it hard to just pick up a random episode. I mention all that because I watched the latest episode yesterday, and the host of the episode, Mischa Pollack, boosted The Division Bell. So I listened to it on my 2 hour drive home for my dad’s birthday last night.

It’s not my favorite Pink Floyd album, but I did enjoy it. I listened to it once and then almost all the way through again yesterday on the drive, and I’m about 2/3 of the way through it again now. There’s not really any standout songs that I would come back to. That said, I did find the album oddly meditative, which suited my drive home quite well. I find driving to be similarly meditative. That would make this a good road trip album. It would be good to throw on, too when you want something that won’t steal your focus away from whatever you’re doing. Like background noise. I guess that makes this elevator music? That might be a stretch, but Track #1 (Cluster One) definitely sounds like something that would be playing in Heaven’s waiting room.

Here’s that episode of Signal Boost:


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