I woke up with a splitting headache yesterday that didn’t go away for hours, so I spent the holiday sitting around in my pajamas watching the Captain America movies. In the second one (Winter Soldier), Falcon tells Cap that if he’s catching up on what he missed while frozen in ice, all he needs to do is listen to the Trouble Man Soundtrack.

Since I saw that movie the first time, I’ve been meaning to listen to it. I decided today to finally listen to it, and since I did to pick up this project again. It’s been about 5 weeks since I tried to keep up with listening to an album every day. And 6 since I stopped blogging.

I felt a little burned out on the blogging, so I tried just listening. But without the blog, it was easier to excuse not listening to anything. So listening to an album every day but not blogging it only lasted about a week. In that week, though, I discovered that the time I most enjoyed listening was while cooking, which makes taking notes very difficult, especially in my small kitchen. All that to say, I’m going to try picking this project up again, but change the format a little: I’m going to stop individually rating every track. It’s the least enjoyable part of the process to me and all those notes are private anyway. So except for the lack of 👍🏻 / 🤷‍♂️ / 👎🏻 you probably won’t even notice.

Anyway. What did I think of the Trouble Man Soundtrack? It was good. Not “the only thing you need to catch up on after almost 70 years frozen in ice” good, but still pretty good. Based on that line in the movie, I was expecting something beyond just a soundtrack, but that’s all it is (though it is a good soundtrack). Which is to say it was so consistent thematically that it was quite repetitive and a little boring. There also weren’t really any stand-out tracks. I wouldn’t mind listening to it again, but I’m having a hard time imagining a scenario in which I’m trying to think of something to listen to and decided on this (now that I’ve finally heard it the one time). Maybe only the next time I watch Captain America: Winter Soldier?

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