1. Mouth Moods: 👍🏻

I had never heard of Neil Cicierega, but someone recommended Mouth Moods to me, so I gave it a shot. It’s a lot like Girl Talk – All Day, but it’s different in a couple of key ways. First, it seems like there was a ton more editing in this mash up than in All Day. I don’t know entirely how to explain this, but it seemed like there were way more sources per … section? … than in All Day. I have no idea how to guess how many songs were sampled for each track, but I’d guess that Mouth Moods uses at least 4 times as many. The other thing that really stood out to me about this track was that not all the source material was music. There was a TV theme song, some audio from an episode of Larry King Live, and what I think was either QVC or the Home Shopping Channel or something similar. Which brings me to the biggest difference between All Day and Mouth Moods: Mouth Moods is funny. I laughed out loud multiple times while listening. And while I genuinely appreciated that, it’s also what I think would prevent me from listening to it again. As I mentioned before, Girl Talk – All Day is great for tuning out when you just need noise and you’re trying to focus on something else. But I don’t think I could do that with Mouth Moods. And aside from maybe introducing it to someone else, I can’t imagine another time I’d listen to it all the way through again.

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