1. Zip Zap Rap: 👍🏻

Devastatin’ Dave The Turntable Slave has been on my radar for a long time, and I’m not 100% sure why. I know it was because of a post somewhere about the worst album covers of all time, but I can’t remember what site now. I was super excited when I thought to listen to this record, and then even more disappointed when I saw that the record only has two tracks, and one of them is just an instrumental version of the title track.

I was kind of cheating today, because I was short on time. I decided to listen to it anyway, and I was not disappointed. It turns out the song is some kind of after-school-special anti-drug thing, with some pretty amazing lyrics:

Hichichichy be back in a sec,
Zippy zippa zappa gonna spend your whole cheque,
Zip dip zap, a zip wit a wabbit,
Zippy dipa wippa got a cocaine habit,

If you think that’s great, the music is even more hilariously terrible. I’m not sure I’ve have a better time listening to a record this year.

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