Life in Pieces

Show: Life in Pieces

Verdict: Pretty Good

How much I’ve seen: All of season 1, 13 episodes of season 2 (everything to date)

You should watch it if you like: Family sitcoms (Modern Family especially), Parenthood

Where you can stream it: The show’s on CBS, which is like FX and makes stuff impossible to stream. As far as I can tell, you can watch season 2 episodes 9 through 13 on CBS.com for free or you can sign up for their subscription service and watch the whole second season but not the first?

I remember how blown away I was by the idea of 24: 24 episodes, 1 hour long, with events taking place in real time. Life in Pieces isn’t an anti-terror drama, but it does do something that I think is just as interesting in terms of shifting your idea of what a TV show can be. Like Modern Family, every episode focuses around different parts of the same extended family. Unlike Modern Family, each episode is broken up into 4 separate “short-stories” for lack of a better word. Sometimes they intersect, but they don’t always. Most of the time they are stand-alone mini episodes. It’s really surprising to me that you can take a show that’s already only about 22 minutes long after commercial breaks and split it into 4 parts and still have a good show with full stories to follow.

There’s a ton of people you will probably recognize in the cast, although you may not know their names or be able to place them right away. Like Schmidt’s city councilwoman girlfriend from New Girl, or the sister-in-law from Breaking Bad, or that guy from Newsroom (no, not that guy, the other guy). Oh, and a guy that looks an awful lot like Tom Hanks. The cast is really good, and the show is really funny. I’ve found that most of the time if I’m watching TV by myself, I won’t laugh out loud even if something is funny. Just about every episode, this show is funny enough to make me laugh out loud even when I’m watching it by myself.

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