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Girl Talk – All Day


  1. All Day: 👍🏻

When I listened to Too Many Zooz’ F Note, I said it kind of felt like cheating because it was only a 5 track EP. Listening to Girl Talk All Day feels a bit like cheating too. Although not because it’s only a single track* — that single track is 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 5 seconds long.

* All Day is technically 12 tracks, but it’s available to download as a single track, which I did. I think even if you listened to the 12-track version, you wouldn’t be able to tell where one song ended and the next one started if you weren’t watching the progress bar. The album works as a single track regardless of how many actual tracks there are.

Anyway, if feel like cheating, because when I “listen” to All Day, I’m not really listening. I use it as a concentration tool. I 100% stole this idea from the Cortex Podcast. When I need to really focus on something, I put on headphones, but Girl Talk All Day on repeat, and get to work. I really needed to do that today, so that’s precisely what I did. So it feels like cheating, because I wasn’t really paying attention to it, but also because I sort of had to listen to this album today anyway.

All Day is a mash up album, so it’s just 71 minutes of a ton of songs cut together to make something entirely its own. I like using it as a tool to focus because even though there are lyrics, I can mostly tune it out, but at the same time, because it’s so catchy it keeps me energized so I don’t tune out what I’m supposed to be focusing on either. This is not the first song I’ve used to do this. After reading about Ryan Holiday playing the same single track on repeat to focus, I started doing the same thing with a couple of different tracks. I can’t remember all the tracks I’ve tried this with, but I have definitely done it w/Dirty Trip by Air and Simplicity by Macroform. That is effective but isn’t really varied enough for me. I had to take Dirty Trip off my phone after a while because it was the first track on my phone when sorted by song title, so my car would always auto-play it when I connected to it via Bluetooth, and I found that listening to it when I wasn’t trying to use it as a focus tool gave me a lot of anxiety. Because All Day is way longer than a normal single track, I don’t have any of those problems, and I don’t seek it out to listen to unless it’s time to focus.

It’s probably a weird approach, but it works for me. And if you haven’t tried it before, I definitely recommend it. Something else that works for me is sitting in certain places only when I need to focus. For example, I only work at the table in my kitchen when I really need to get something done. The problem with that approach is that I can’t take my kitchen table with me everywhere I go, but I can take Girl Talk with me All Day.

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