The Good Place

Show: The Good Place

Verdict: Amazing

How Much I’ve Seen: All of season 1 (everything to date)

You should watch it if you like: to laugh; Kristin Bell, Ted Danson, or Adam Scott (I honestly can’t think of a sitcom to compare it to, but it’s delightful.)

Where you can stream it: The season just ended so it isn’t on Netflix yet, but you can watch the whole thing on nbc.com.

I didn’t intend to post again right away, but I watched the last two episodes of the season last night, and just had to post this while it was fresh in my mind.

Kristin Bell wakes up dead in the office of Ted Danson where she’s told she made it to The Good Place. Not heaven. Not hell. Those places aren’t real. All of the world’s religions only got it about 5% correct. Nobody else is even close to understanding what the afterlife is. Except of course Doug Forcett who, in 1970s Calgary got “really high on mushrooms” and went on a rant where he got “like, 92%” of it right.


Ted Danson is absolutely charming in this show; Kristin Bell charmingly awful (the character not the performance). Plus Adam Scott plays the best douche bag I’ve ever seen, as an over-seer of The Bad Place (where pretty much everyone goes – especially Floridians).

This show is unique and lovely and I hope there’s a season two. If you watch the first episode and don’t binge the whole season, I’d be shocked.


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