The Bastard Executioner


Show: The Bastard Executioner


How much I’ve seen:
All of it (cancelled after 10 episodes)

It’s kind of like:
Game of Thrones + Da Vinci Code?

Where you can watch it:
¯_(ツ)_/¯ (It aired on F/X; maybe it’s on Hulu?)

I really wanted to like The Bastard Executioner. It was created by Kurt Sutter, who created Sons of Anarchy and was involved in most of The Shield in various capacities. The Shield is the best TV show of all time (tied with The West Wing) and I loved Sons of Anarchy too. I had high hopes for TBX but it just straight up sucked. In fact, while watching the 10th episode last night, I noticed it had a longer than usual run time, so I checked to see if it was the season finale and found this on Wikipedia:
“On November 18, 2015, FX announced Sutter had canceled the series.”

I can’t think of another show that was cancelled by the creator (NOT the network). If a show runs its full course, like Breaking Bad, it isn’t “cancelled.” You know a show is bad when it gets mercy-killed by the guy that made it.

The whole show is based around this “secret,” except from the pilot most of the people who matter know the secret, but choose not to act on it. And as the show progressed more and more people learned it, and still no one did anything about it. It made no sense in the pilot and somehow got worse as the series went on.

The rest of the show was never really any better. When it wasn’t brutally over-the-top violent it was basically just white noise. Nothing interesting ever happened (until the weird Da Vinci Code plot twist halfway through the last episode). My guess is that Sutter sold the show based on the popularity of Game of Thrones, and then he just never figured out how to make it interesting. There were some characters with great back stories, like the ex-assassin priest, but the story was never really focused on that.

If Kurt Sutter wasn’t behind TBX I wouldn’t have watched past the 3rd episode. I kept waiting for the show to make sense or to get interesting, and neither ever happened.