Why is it so hard to fix a mower?

I tried to take my lawn mower into the shop yesterday and was met with WAY more resistance than you should expect.

The inaugural #LarryDavidProblems post shows what’s wrong with it: the pull start cable is stuck out. That’s it (so far as I know).

I googled and found a couple small engine repair shops around town. The first one didn’t answer. Whatever, I guess they don’t want my business.

Call the second one, and he very obviously wants my business. He’s in the process of moving, but his new lease fell through at the last minute. “So come around back,” he says, “the front’s a mess from moving.”

He tells me to come by at 1:30. I get there at 1:40, and he’s gone. “Out for parts. Bob” reads the sign on the door. I sit and wait for about 20 minutes before I give up.

I call the original place back, and the guy answers this time but then either immediately hangs up, or my call was dropped. “Screw it, I’ll just go,” I think. This shop is right down the road.

Or so I thought.

The building is completely empty. I double check the address. It’s correct (per Google Maps), but there’s no signage on the building at all.


So finally I google lawn mower stores, and find one near by. I don’t even know if they service the equipment until I am walking up to the (finally open) shop and see a sign.

But my mower is apparently so old, they don’t even know if they can do it. So now I’m waiting for an estimate on the repair, but it turns out it might be cheaper to buy a used one (from them – how convenient!).

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