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Shifting the Monkey by Todd Whitaker


My mom came to visit me last month, and brought Shifting the Monkey with her, so I could read it. If she hadn’t loaned it to me, I probably never would have gotten around to reading it, but I’m glad I did. Most of the advice was pretty good. I think the two biggest takeaways for me were “treat all people like good people” and “don’t rewrite the rules for the bad people.” I don’t want to reiterate what’s in the book, and it’s barely over a hundred pages, so if either of those ideas stick out as something you want to know more about, take a look.

I will say that I found the presentation a bit lacking in Shifting the Monkey. My biggest issue was that everything bad was a monkey, and you had to deal with monkeys and monkey this and monkey that. It’s obvious from the title alone what “Shifting the Monkey” really means, and in case it isn’t, it’s explained in the first chapter. But then it’s just constantly reiterated. It felt less like repeating a theme for emphasis and more like beating a dead horse. But again, it’s only about 100 pages, so the good advice you can get out of the book is probably worth it.


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