Thoughts on Stuff and moving

I’m planning to leave the east coast when my lease expires at the end of October, and that’s got me thinking a lot about my Stuff again. This is something that isn’t really that far from my mind anyway, but I’ve realized recently that whenever my life is unstable in some way, I start obsessing about Stuff even more. I’m pretty sure I understand where the impulse is coming from, and maybe I’ll write about that some day, too, but really this post is just for me to think “out loud” about what I want to do.

I’ve started a new job recently that will theoretically allow me to work from anywhere on the planet with stable power and internet. My options are so wide open because of this, I feel the need to get rid of basically everything I own except what I can fit in a laptop bag and a carry on.

But then I think about my growing collection of signed books. I don’t want to get rid of them. And I have a couple of framed posters I’d like to hang onto. And if I’m going to keep those, I have grown fairly fond of some of my furniture. Oh, and I have to keep my network stack and so on and so forth until I’m basically planning to hire a moving company to haul all my crap back to MI, which is not what I want.

When I moved to NY, I fit everything I owned into my car. When I sort of / almost left NY the first time, I did it by packing 3 giant boxes and shipping them via UPS. Now I have a couch and a chair and a 20 kilo kettle bell and a window air conditioning unit and…

I’ve always like the idea of living out of a hotel. Really, though, I think more than that I like the idea of not having to buy furniture. It’s sort of a paradox of choice thing. If I rent an apartment that is empty, then I have to worry about what furniture to buy and once I’ve made the decision, I’ll worry about what to do when I move again. Should I keep it or sell it? And what if I bought the wrong couch? Would that other one that was a bit more expensive have been more comfortable? But if I lived in a hotel, or rented a furnished apartment, I don’t have to worry about the couch because it isn’t mine; I’m just renting it. If I get tired of how uncomfortable it is, I can just pack my two bags and leave.

On the other hand, now that I can work from home full time, I’d really like to set up a nice home office. With lots of desk space and lots of monitors. With sunlight, but also blackout curtains. And sound proofing. But I also want to join a coworking space so I can be uncomfortable and pestered again. Maybe I don’t actually know what I want. I guess I’ve got four months to figure it out.

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