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Monday, Monday by Elizabeth Crook


I said this when I read & reviewed Moral Disorder, but I don’t really like fiction that’s about normal people experiencing normal events. So when this book was chosen for June’s book club, I had a pretty good idea that I wasn’t going to like Monday, Monday. It turns out I was right, but there was still some stuff about the book I enjoyed.

The mundane every day stuff that is really the heart of the story is interspersed with some pretty interesting “action” scenes. The book starts on August 1st, 1966 on the campus of The University of Texas. The day of the infamous bell tower shooting. Later, the main character almost drowns in a flood. And there’s also an intense scene at The Devil’s Sinkhole. But those are three chapters of a 350+ page book.

Aside from those chapters, I was pretty disinterested in the book. Monday, Monday doesn’t really have any weight. If this had been a real story about real people, I think I would have found it much more interesting. Particularly how unlucky the main character seems to be. If these were real life experiences being saved for posterity, it would be a great life story. But since it’s fiction it just felt contrived. In fact, my biggest problem with the book was that one character in particular was introduced just so he could be killed off later. If this weren’t fiction, that would be tragic. But it is fiction. The author might as well have just named the character MacGuffin.

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