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With Silent Screams by Steve McHugh (Hellequin 3)


I just read the Hellequin 2.5 short story 6 weeks ago. Even though this was a full novel, there isn’t much I can say about this book that is any different from the short story. I like the main character, and they way magic works in that world. It’s no Dresden Files, but it’s a suitable filler until the next one gets published. I did have a realization when reading this most recent one though: Steve Mchugh really needs a copy editor. If he has one, he needs a better one.

That seems like a really nit-picky thing to say, but it honestly is a problem. There are mistakes in this book that genuinely took me out of the story. These are things that should be simple to catch and fix. If I noticed them, why didn’t anybody else?

All told, I enjoyed the book, and if you have Prime and a Kindle, it’s free to read, so it was definitely worth the price. But I got what I paid for.


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