Resolution Watch – 2013: February

hit a rough patch last week RE exercising everyday. shaming myself as motivation for this week
A little over a month ago, I published my New Year’s Resolutions. The hope was that declaring them publicly would motivate me to keep up with them. I haven’t been perfect, but I think it’s going well.

Exercise Every Day

As you can see above, this hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been pretty good. Since I started, I’ve exercised 30 out of 36 days. And it’s been 2 days since I took that picture, so really I’m 32/38. This isn’t part of my resolutions, but I went back on the Slow Carb diet a few weeks ago, too. I can see a minor difference and I lost 5 pounds last week. Not bad.

Get Enough Sleep

Again, not perfect, but pretty good. More importantly than getting enough sleep every night, I have seen the benefits of sticking to this more easily. Hence this post a couple weeks ago. I have definitely intentionally ignore my sleep routine a few times. What is more important to me about that, is that each time, I knew what I was getting into and how the next day would go, but decided to do it anyway. It was a conscious decision.


This is probably the resolution I’ve given the least attention to, which is just fine with me. It was sort of an off the cuff decision to add it. I’m glad I did, and I’m still trying to stick to it, but if it doesn’t happen every day, then that’s fine. The goal of this was not actually to take a picture every day, but to force myself to appreciate my surroundings more. Even on days when I don’t find a shot worth taking, I’m still looking for them. Again, that is more important than the resolution itself.

I had intended to blog about this before now, but I set up a public Google Calendar which has all of my Pic A Day photos each on the day that I took them, which links to Flickr. The calendar is here. I’ve posted 38 pictures there so far. I actually started this earlier than the other resolutions, and some days I posted more than one photo, so I’m not 100% on this. But again, that isn’t the important part.

Write Every Week

If you follow this blog, you can see I started off really strongly on blogging every week. I’ve posted here 8 times (including this post) in 2013. Again, though, some weeks had more than one post. As I mentioned in the original resolution declaration, this is not the only place where I may write. I haven’t posted here since the 30th of last month; exactly 2 weeks. I HAVE however, been writing quite a lot of code. Since I do that for work, it doesn’t count as part of my resolution if it is specifically work code that I’m writing. However, in the last two weeks I have done a lot of work on a side project, and that definitely counts. I am more than satisfied with my progress on this resolution.

Get Weird

As you can see from my post about it, last month I fulfilled my Get Weird requirement. I won’t go into that here, since I already wrote about it. I haven’t looked into anything weird to do this month at all. I do have some fairly big plans for the 3 months afterwards, however. Next month, I am going to see Nick Offerman’s one man show American Ham. In April, I’m going to LebowskiFest, and May is The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The only problem is I’m not sure if these count as weird. I stated in the original post that I didn’t think book signings could count any more, since I’ve been to so many. That’s why I called this Get Weird, instead of Do Awesome Things (like last time). I saw The Thrilling Adventure Hour once already (in the same venue, no less), and this year will be my third LebowskiFest. Should those count? I don’t know. And because of that, I don’t know if American Ham should even count. But I guess I have 6 weeks to decide. I should probably focus more on the fact that I only have 2 weeks left in this month to find something Weird to do.

All in all, I am very happy with my progress. And, as a result of that, I am pretty happy in general.

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