I canceled Ting yesterday

Yesterday, I canceled my Ting service. Since I posted about switching to them, I figure I should post about leaving.

In the original post I mentioned that I had to carry around a wireless access point, since I didn’t want to buy a phone from Ting. It was a bit of an inconvenience to carry it around, but most of the time, it was a non-issue. However, I never knew what state the battery was in. Sometimes I would not charge it for days and it would be fine. Others the battery would be dead by the end of one day. The device would put itself to sleep if nothing was connected to its wifi. I expected this meant unless I was constantly connected to it, the battery would last a while. For whatever reason, this was never predictable. And, since I can go for several days without using data on my phone, I would frequently forget to charge it. This meant that about 50% of the time I DID need it, I didn’t have it. I ended up buying a backup battery (one that can be used with any device, not just the hotspot). That helped, but then I had THREE devices I had to carry around, and charge, instead of one. I think with time I could have gotten used to that; and gotten better at remembering to charge the thing. Probably could have gotten better at predicting when it would need charging, too.

Then Google announced the Nexus 4, AND that it would have induction charging. The idea of going from carrying around three devices that all had to be charged at the same time to a single device that could be charged without plugging it in was awesome. Except that I can’t use a non-Ting phone on Ting. I did some research on it, to confirm. Ting’s unofficial answer is that if you root your phone, you can spoof the unique identifier of a Ting phone, in order to get your non-Ting phone working. Except it doesn’t always work. Thinking about it, it might not even be legal. I was not going to hassle with that, especially with a brand new device.

Ting for data + T-Mobile’s Pre-Paid plan was about $15 / month. The cheapest service I could find other than that is T-Mobile’s contract-less $30 / month plan. It gives me 100 voice minutes and unlimited data. They claim it’s unthrottled until 5GB / month, but I have rarely seen it go to 3G (the max my current phone is capable of). That might be the service area, or it might be that they will give me a boost once I have used it a bit longer; I don’t know. But, like I said, I can go for several days without using data.

At the end of the day, I’m still glad I gave it a shot. My previous service was so expensive that even with the cost of the hotspot and the extra battery, I still saved money. And it forced me to realize how little I use my phone both as a phone and when I’m not connected to wifi.

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