Add tasks to todo.txt to do lists from Gmail using ifttt

UPDATE: I recently discovered that in Android, if you use voice search and start with “note to self,” it will email you with that as the subject line and the rest of what you say as the body. I updated my Gmail filter to label anything from me with the subject line “Note to self” as “todo.” This means I can now add to my to do list using my phone’s voice recognition.

[If you want to cut to the chase, here’s the ifttt recipe, so you don’t have to read anything else to do what the post’s title suggests.]

I am a massive fan of todo.txt. I’ve tried a LOT of to do list managers. Remember the Milk, Hive Minder, toodledoo, pen and paper, my email inbox, the built-in Blackberry and Outlook to do managers. There are probably more – those are just the ones I could think of in about a minute. For a person who is constantly in a terminal, todo.txt is the way to go.
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