I own fewer than 250 things*

This was supposed to be an update on my inventory. But it turned into a weird simultaneous anti- and post- consumer rant. I decided to leave it this way, because it was the first time I thought some of this so far through. But I thought this note was important, because it may seem disjointed.

On March 5th of this year, I took a personal inventory. A literal inventory. I have heard people refer to their “personal inventory” in other rainbows & unicorns, life-coach, spirituality ways before. That isn’t what I did. What I did was count all the stuff I own, and write it down in a spreadsheet. You can see my blog post about it here. About a week later, I got rid of 1/4 of the stuff, and I blogged about that too.

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Automatically Send Documents to Your Kindle with Dropbox & ifttt

A great feature of the Kindle is the ability to email documents to it. (That isn’t quite how it works, but the details of that aren’t important for the purposes of this post.) I send at least 5 documents per month to my Kindle. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to go to the trouble of attaching files and sending mail to the device though. If only there were a way to automate this…

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