I got rid of 1/4 of my Stuff this week!

First, let me say this is in sheer numbers – not in value of the items. 1/2 of those things were clothes hangars. My MacBook and TV are still safe and sound.

Last week I took an inventory of all of my belongings, which you can read here. You can see the inventory here. Since then, I got rid of 109 things (57 were clothes hangars), and got 14 new things, some of which I’ve already gotten rid of! (It wasn’t actually all new. Some of it was stuff I missed in the inventory last week. BUT I still think that’s pretty good.)

The numbers:
Last week: 375 things, 164 in use, 211 not
This week: 283 things, 169 in use, 113 not
Difference: -92 things, +5 in use, -98 not

I won’t explain everything I got rid of, but there are some things I think are interesting (not the things themselves, but the act of getting rid of them). I got rid of 6 t shirts; 5 of which were in rotation. Up until about a month ago, I wore t shirts to work everyday. Then I decided I didn’t want to do that anymore, and I bought some dress shirts. That means it made a lot less sense to own 18 t shirts, when I only wear them on average 2 days per week. I also got rid of 1/2 my neck ties, a sweater, and a duffel bag. I had no intention of getting rid of any of those things, but I had so much to take to Goodwill I needed something to carry it all in. So I decided to use the duffel and then just drop it off with the rest of the stuff. And while I was digging through my closet to get to it, I tossed in another piece of luggage and then sweater and ties, too. It felt GREAT.

Of all the things I got rid of today, the two that are definitely the most interesting are these: a giant pile of papers, and my gym membership. Neither of them are or were in the inventory, but I still did away with them. The papers were all junk: new hire paperwork from two different jobs, my SAT/ACT/AP test results from almost 10 years ago, my college acceptance letter. I have the damn degree now – do I really need the acceptance letter? NO. So I tossed it.

Regarding the gym membership: I went in last week, wanting to use their kettle bell set, because I’m reading the 4 Hour Body, and it is the #1 recommended exercise in the book. They are only for use with a trainer. So I walked out, and ordered one via Amazon. I also bought a scale. Two months of membership will cover the cost of those two items. As long as they’re the only things I’m using two months from now, I’m now making money (not really, but sort of).

What’s next? Well, I have 4 things on my desk that I plan to put on eBay tomorrow, so next week I will be down those things, assuming they sell. Also, the minimalist battle station (see post linked above) is still going well. If I still like it at the end of this month, I am going to get rid of all the stuff I took off my desk and stuck in my closet: monitor, keyboard, trackpad, speakers, dock, and that shelf thingy.


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