Do Awesome Things – October – Chuck Klosterman Book Signing

The first Chuck Klosterman book I read was Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs. I fell in love with his writing 4 pages in, during a discussion of how he blames his entire love-life of Lloyd Dobler – John Cusack’s character from Say Anything. So far, I have read 3 of his 7 books. His latest, The Visible Man is his second novel. I’ve only read his non-fiction stuff so far, but after he read a small section of the book, I am looking forward to reading this.

He read a short section, because he wanted to take extra questions from the audience, which I thought was awesome. The questions covered all kinds of craziness, from what’s on his Tivo, to which of his books was his favorite. In his typical style, he couldn’t give that question a straight answer. “Favorite or best?” He immediately shot back. He then went on a tirade about how there’s a huge difference between what is best and what is someone’s favorite. “Kiss is my favorite band, but the best band is The Beatles.” It got a laugh from everyone, myself included, but this was something I have tried to express to people before. Most people don’t distinguish between something they like the most and the best.

The Big Lebowski is my favorite Coen Brothers movie, but Miller’s Crossing is their best. People don’t seem to understand me when I say that. Chuck gets me. He signed my book “Chuck = Chuck” on account of our names are the same, and was cool enough to let me take a photo with him. I also asked him if he was really @cklosterman on twitter. He seemed surprised at the question, but verified that it’s indeed him. There are several accounts claiming to be him on twitter, and none of them are verified. I was glad to find out I was following the right one. Although that’s the one that told me about the signing, so I guess even if it wasn’t him, it served me well.

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