Do Awesome Things – August – Lebowski Fest

Lebowski Fest was started by two guys at a tattoo convention 10 years ago. They were bored and, as fans of the movie tend to do, started quoting their favorite lines and recapping their favorite scenes. The fest started out at a bowling alley in Louisville Kentucky, but now it travels the country, holding a bowling, costume contest, trivia contest one night; and a concert / showing of the film the next. This year’s NY Lebowski Fest was a little different. Since the second day coincided with the Blu Ray release of the movie, instead of a concert, there was a Q&A with the cast. The whole cast – well, not really. I mean, David Huddleston, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Tara Reid weren’t there. But John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, and the dude himself Jeff Bridges were all there. The guy who played Liam (Jesus’ bowling partner) was there, too, but he wasn’t part of the Q&A – he was just there to hang out. When he was pointed out in the crowd, he stood up, and totally did the belly shake thing he does in the movie. Uproarious applause, of course.

The Q&A was awesome, of course. Although there were a lot of sound problems. The cast couldn’t hear themselves, each other, or the audience. The audience was shouting lines and whatnot through out, except the cast didn’t react because they couldn’t hear them. They also just kept talking, so the people who COULD hear the other audience members then couldn’t hear the cast. That was super annoying, but it didn’t happen too often.

After the Q&A, they showed the movie (on Blu-Ray of course), and that was almost as awesome as the Q&A. It’s a pretty amazing thing to watch your favorite movie with 300 people who love it as much as you do.

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