Do Awesome Things – May (2): Save Yourself Mammal, the SMBC book launch party

I have been reading for a long time – at least since 2007. When I found out Zach Weiner was putting out a book, I thought it was cool, but I wasn’t interested. I can have already read every SMBC comic, and I can read any of them again for free. Plus I sold all my books, and I am trying to keep it digital, so I don’t accumulate junk. Then I found out he was having a party in Brooklyn to launch the book, and he would be doing a Q&A/signing. Now he had me.

It turned out to be two buildings down from where I saw Time Minchin. It was a weird venue – basically a factory floor with a stage and a bar. But it was cool. The book is hilarious, but I already knew that going in. The Q&A was interesting. My favorite part was finding out he isn’t a scientist or engineer like I was expecting. His degree is English lit or something. The reason he makes so many jokes about scientists and engineers is that those people are most likely to laugh at jokes about them, which I thought was cool (and probably accurate).

All proceeds from the event went to which is for teachers trying to fund school projects. There was also an auction of SMBC rarities, and for $25 you could get a sketch, $100 you could be a guest in an upcoming SMBC, etc. I wasn’t interested in that, but I did donate an extra 50 bucks for a signed print of my all-time favorite SMBC. I haven’t heard back about it yet, but I’m not worried yet.

He seemed like a stand-up guy, and there were a lot of special requests made at the party – he’s probably just working through the list.

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