Do Awesome Things – May (1): Tim Minchin

On Sunday, May 1st, someone tweeted a link to Tim Minchin’s song Confessions, and I watched it.

I thought it was hilarious, so I started following him on twitter. The next day, he tweeted that there were 20 tickets recently available for his sold out show that night. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That was all I knew going in, but I decided to go. I got there, and there was already a line, even though I was 90 minutes early. Luckily, those people already had tickets. But I couldn’t find the line for people picking up the remaining previously unavailable tickets. So I checked the door – there was no one there and it was unlocked, so I wandered inside. As soon as I found someone, I got yelled at for being in before they opened, and then tossed out. However, I was directed to the ticket line. While trying to get to that line, someone offered me an extra ticket they had, and I bought it at the same price I would have paid at the ticket counter. Only now I had time to run to the nearest shop for dinner.

The show was hilarious. It’s all comedy songs and short stand-up type routines. He played the one thing I knew about going in, and almost everything else was amazing. Some of the stand-up type stuff was a little predictable, but the songs more than made up for it. He also talked about religion a lot, and I can’t say I agreed with all of that, but there was a song about the pope I particularly enjoyed.

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