Do Awesome Things – April: Costa Rica

The criteria for Do Awesome Things are that I at least one thing a month, and that I do it alone. This doesn’t really count, but since it took almost the entire month, and it was pretty awesome, I am counting it anyway.

Around November last year, my company started a support team in Costa Rica. In March, the powers that be decided they needed additional training, and they sent me. I was in Costa Rica for over three weeks. It had its ups and downs (strikes and gutters), but overall it was a great experience.

Monday through Friday, I was working, so it was business as usual for the most part. Get up, go to work, have lunch, work more, go home, watch TV. Two of the three weekends I was there, I did touristy stuff. (The last weekend I would have too, if I knew I was going to be there – missed my Saturday morning flight, and ended up in the airport most of that weekend.)

The first weekend, I took a tour of the rain forrest. It was freakin’ incredible. I took a boat load of pictures. Everyone I showed them to responded the same way: “It’s just a bunch of pictures of Green.” Which is 100% accurate. That’s all it was – a ton of green. It was beautiful and calming and peaceful. Awesome.

But the best part was getting there and back. The people I went with owned a manual Civic, and the guy was an aggressive driver. We were driving up and down a mountain to get there and back, and there were tons of twists and turns. It reminded me a lot of the episode of Top Gear where they are trying to find the perfect road to Drive on. I think I enjoyed that more than the rain forrest itself.

There are about 100 volcanoes in Costa Rica, and the next weekend I went to one, called Poas. I took about 1/3 as many pictures, because it was so foggy, you could only see about 10 feet in front of you. It was still really cool to be there. It was more like what I was expecting the rain forrest to be than the actual rain forrest was.

The majority of the pictures I took are on flickr: here.

The rest of the time was spent bumming around the hotel – especially at the beautiful pool. I think there are pictures of that on flickr, too.

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