Do Awesome Things: Mar – Red State Screening & Kevin Smith + Cast Q&A

I have been a fan of Kevin Smith since high school. Somehow I managed to watch his movies in reverse chronological order, starting with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and ending with Clerks in the summer after my senior year. It’s a good thing I did, too – it’s the best way to do it. The movies keep getting better!

I have also listened to SModcast (his podcast with Scott Mosier) on and off since I first heard about it. So when I found out he was doing a new movie, I was excited. When I found out he was doing advance screenings with Q&A I was even more excited. Better than his best movie (Clerks) are his “Evening with Kevin Smith” DVDs. He is a king of bullshittin’ and spinnin’ yarn. So an opportunity to see one of his movies AND a Q&A? I’m there.

Not only there, but close. When I bought the ticket, I selected best available seat. I was in the fourth row!

My seat at Red State - Row 4!

I knew I was among My People within a few minutes. I saw a guy in a Captain Hammer t shirt, then a guy in a Walter Sobcheck shirt, and on my way out of the bathroom, I heard two guys discussing Barton Fink. You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? That’s because you aren’t one of My People.

I didn’t know anything about the movie going in, and I’m glad I didn’t. Knowing now what it’s about, I don’t know if I would have gone, but I really liked the movie, and had a good time. I’m glad I went, and I probably wouldn’t if I knew the subject matter going in.

I was also delighted to learn after I got there that most of the cast would also be participating in the Q&A and that John Goodman (one of my all-time desert island top 5 actors) was in the movie and in the building!

I really liked the movie (maybe even loved it – I’d have to watch it again to decide, and I will when it releases wide), and despite getting some really shitty questions I enjoyed the Q&A. But even if I hated the movie, and everything else about the Q&A was awful, it was worth the $150 I paid to hear John Goodman say, in person, from the fourth row: “Shut the FUCK UP, Donny!


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