My Workspace – Work

A few days ago I posted my Home workspace. Here is my Work workspace:

My Home workspace is mostly full of over-priced gadgets. My Work workspace is mostly weird gadgety-but-not-really stuff. The company I work for repairs devices with 3″ LCD screens. When they are sent in with vandalized screens, I grab them, and add them to the LCD wall. The floppy disks are zip-tied together into a pen cup. Between the headset and the phonetic alphabet chart, there’s a fried PoE chip from another type of device we repair.

As I mentioned, I liked the bluetooth keyboard/mouse set so much, I bought one for work, too. My iPhone and Blackberry are here, too, although they are mostly hidden behind the keyboard. Another Dell laptop, with another dock. I hate using paper to take notes, because I never need them for more than about 5 minutes, so I started carrying an 8.5×11″ dry-erase board, instead of a notepad. That is almost always open on my desk somewhere. For more detail on that, you can see the Evernote section of my Synchronicity II post.

I also keep a couple of power strips on my desk for easier access when I am actually working on the devices. Below you can also see more of my bad cable management.

The desk has another section, but the only thing on it is a test device, and my backpack (which is in the Go-bag post, if you are really curious).

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