Gadgets make kids dumber (or do they?)

I watch the NBC Nightly News in podcast form. Today (Jan 21st) I watched yesterday’s broadcast, and like they do from time to time, they had a story about the dangers of technology. Specifically, how it impacts youth.

I get that these are probably big ratings bumps when they talk about the big scary Internet and Facebook and Twitter and worst of all: text messaging, but they annoy me anyway. This, however, I found most disturbing.

Towards the end of the story, Rehema Ellis explains the statistics behind the story; that the number of hours youths spend using electronic devices has gone up by a significant margin, and then the impact it has on children. In her most dire tone, she claims that the study showed that 47% of the young people poled perform average or worse in school. Think about that for a second.

Of all of the young people poled, who use electronic devices up to 7.5 hours per day on average, about half are average or lower. 47% are in the lower 50th percentile. Doesn’t that mean that 53% of them do better than average? Isn’t that a good thing?

Maybe if Rehema Ellis spent more time on her phone, she would find the calculator function.


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