When I was in school, I used a lot of computers, and even if I was in the same place, I wasn’t guaranteed to use the same computer in that place. At work, until I got an office, I used which ever computer was open when I got to the office. Any work I did in a computer lab was done on whatever available computer I could find. I had a computer at home, and from time to time, I may need to use one at the fraternity house. Not only were the computers I would use completely unpredictable, but the operating systems were, too. Because of this, I spent a great deal of time an effort in finding tools that were cross platform, and/or were browser-based. Below is a applications I use on a regular basis, which sync from computer to computer to phone, and in most cases, are either platform independent, or browser-based, along with a description of how I use them, and what operating systems and devices on which they can run.

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