My Go-bag; September 2009

I have seen a whole bunch of these kinds of posts. The first one at lifehacker, and then artofmanlinessThis one (tweeted by @bryanbrinkman) is my favorite. I can’t seem to get enough of these posts, for some reason. I have heard engadget and gizmodo referred to as gadget porn. If that is the case, I guess posts like these are gadget voyerism. Whatever they are, I thought I would contribute. Without further ado, here is my go-bag:

Here it is all packed up. The bag itself is a Big Shot from The North Face. Not only does it hold everything fairly well (packing it can be unpleasant at times, because the zippers only go about 1/2 way down), but it has a belt and shoulder cross-straps for when I am carrying heavier stuff, so it distributes the weight really well. It also has extra holders on the sides (holding a water bottle and an umbrella), and I take advantage of the set of straps underneath to carry a sweatshirt. There are some strips on the arm straps, which I use to carry my train ticket and office key (when necessary).

Unpacked, you can see how much junk I can cram into this thing.
List of contents:

  • Dell Latitude D430 (This is my personal computer – Work computer is a Dell Latitude D550)
  • Power Adapter
  • MoGo Bluetooth PCMCIA Mouse
  • Book (Darkly Dreaming Dexter)
  • Spare Handkerchief
  • Spare Wristband
  • 160Gb External Hard Drive (Encrypted w/TrueCrypt)
  • Satchel (Details below)
  • Binder (Details below)
  • Black Hooded Sweatshirt
  • North Face Big Shot Bag
  • Leatherman Micra
  • Mini Mag Lite
  • MetroNorth September Rail Pass
  • RSA Key Fob for VPN to Client
  • RFID Key to Office Building (White Card)
  • RFID Key to Office (Black Hexagon on Drawstring)
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  • Umbrella

In the binder, I keep an 8 1/2 x 11 Whiteboard. I hate taking notes, mostly because they are usually temporary, but I always feel the need to hold on to the paper. Either I waste paper or collect clutter. I started using the whiteboard a couple weeks ago, and so far I really dig it. I am planning on putting up a post about it later. In case of actual permanent notes, I have a normal pad and pen, as well.

Finally, I carry around this satchel. It’s really a pencil case, but I don’t really keep pencils in it and satchel sounds cooler. In it I have another pen and pad (a Pilot G2 and a small Molskine w/grid paper), my camera (not pictured for obvious reasons) and its charger, my iPhone charger, an Ethernet cross-over adapter, and Ziplinq cables for my iPhone, external hard drive, and an Ethernet cable.

So there you have it; my go-bag. I have some planned updates, too. My company is providing me with a BlackBerry soon, so I plan on getting a Ziplinq micro usb cable to add to the satchel, as well as replacing the iPhone adapter with a more useful surge protector w/usb ports (link here). Finally, as you might notice, there is orange electrical tape wrapped around the iPhone cable. It crapped out on me, so I want one of these. It is a normal iPhone cable, only it is super short. And while I’m making a wish list, I’ll toss in this awesome headphone splitter, too.

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