IT: Good to Great with 3 Rules

There is what I consider to be a big problem in the IT field today. Most people think that anyone who is ‘good with computers’ can be plucked from their parent’s basement, and dropped into a corporate job, managing that company’s computers. That is just not true. Perhaps I am a snob, because I went to college to earn a degree in System Administration, or maybe because I worked at a place where the 3 rules I will mention ingrained these ideas in my head. Or maybe, the misconception that being ‘good with computers’ means a good IT person is because the people doing the hiring just don’t get it. Or maybe they have only ever had bad IT people. Who knows? The point is, knowledge isn’t everything. It certainly isn’t nothing, either. This isn’t about learning how computers work, or how to be a passable administrator. This is about being great at your job. If you want to continue to run around putting out fires all day, then by all means, move along. But if you want to be really good – even great – at IT, and you want to stop chasing after issues, and see them coming or know how to deal with them before they are even reported, then read on. These 3 rules (for lack of a better term) will make your life easier. I know, because it did mine.

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