Three Day Weekend

I went to Brooklyn this weekend, and had an awesome time. It started by getting out of work 90 minutes early. Then I grabbed a bite from the pizza place up the street. After that, my journey began. I ended up parking my car in the same place as I did before. The first time I parked it, because I was more worried about making it to where I was going at all, as opposed to cheaply or quickly. The second time, it was because I took the time to check out the area, and it was shady as hell. There was actually a minivan that had been stripped on the side of the road, so I decided not to leave my car on the street for three days in a row.

Rather than going straight to Brianna’s apartment, like I did last time, I was supposed to meet her at a party in Sunset Park. Instead of getting off the subway in Brooklyn, like a normal person, I got off about 15 stops too early, and ended up in Manhattan. To be more specific, I accidentally wandered into Times Square. … on a holiday weekend. It was a trip. I got to see that, and Radio City Music Hall, and some other neat stuff; it also lead to a funny phone call, and a story I get the impression Brianna will be telling for a while, but I have come to accept people thinking I am a goon. At any rate, I found the place I was supposed to be, and drank Manhattans all night (not because of my detour).

Friday we went to Prospect Park and grilled hot dogs and redneck onions. Hot dogs always taste like crap, and the onions weren’t as soft as I had hoped, but I did what I could. It was fun anyway, until I stood up. When my hips started making popping sounds as I stood up I realized I needed to start going to the gym again (which I have done the last two days, and hope to continue doing). On the way out, I found out that Spoon is playing in the park on the 15th of this month. Unfortunately, that is a Tuesday, so I am still trying to decide if I should go. I also realized that I missed Steely Dan playing in the city recently, and I have been thinking about how I will never get to see one of my few personal heroes live; the great George Carlin now also being the late George Carlin. So I might risk it, and hope for the best. (Read that as “Check back on the 16th for another adventure story”).

Friday afternoon and night we ended up playing a bunch of board games, which was a blast. I got my ass handed to me in everything, but I had fun anyway. I was destroyed in Yahtzee, Monopoly, Quiddler (a card game that is like Scrabble and Rummy combined), Rummy, Spades (which I had never played before, but enjoyed), and probably some things I am missing. To break up the marathon gaming session, we went to a place nearby where I got the largest burrito I have ever seen. I took a picture, but not with my camera. The thing was the size of a 20 ounce bottle. That is, it was as wide as the biggest part of the bottle, and as long, meaning if it were plastic it would hold more than 20 ounces, since it doesn’t taper. We went up to Brianna’s roof to watch fireworks and eat the burritos. It was really cool up there. I spat off the roof. Also, we could see fireworks from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Unfortunately, it started to rain right after the shows started, and we had climbed up a fire escape that was rather treacherous when dry, so we booked it back inside and continued gaming.

Saturday I slept all morning. When I finally dragged myself out of bed, we went to a diner for brunch, and then to Barnes and Noble to get a couple more games. We had both been talking about playing Risk for a month, so we got that. The last time I was in that particular store, I saw that they had a game I had been desperate to play since the TRS guys talked about it. The game is called Munchkin. It claims to be a dungeon game without the hassle, and is card-based. It was fun, but we had one person less than recommended, and I think we were messing up the rules a bit. Because this game is for nerds, I think there were things that the author considered to be implied that we didn’t. Either way, it was fun, and I am looking forward to playing it again. Also, I have told Brianna about Fluxx several times, so I will have to buy a deck sooner or later, and show her what all the fuss is about.

Sunday was a day that I enjoyed a great deal, despite my prior hesitence. I watched tennis. A lot of it. Almost the entirety of the longest men’s final match in Wimbledon history at just over four and one-half hours. That is play time, mind you. During the three rain delays, I also watched taped matches and highlights. I have always dismissed the game; my justification being that it is tougher to score than to play (not physically, but conceptually). I decided to give it a shot, however, after thinking about the Sports Night pilot and a runner named Entizaki Nelson. Yes, I did remember the name without looking it up, and I do have something wrong with me. The point being, for those who haven’t seen the show, that sport can be fantastic regardless of which sport it is. The announcers claim the rivalry of Nadal and Federer to be one of the greatest in all of sport (not just tennis), and after seeing that match, I am inclined to agree. I enjoyed it so much, that I am planning now on going to the US Open in Queens in September.

After the match, I hopped back on the F, and transferred in a terrible spot again, but this time it wasn’t raining, and I found my way much faster. When I got to the parking garage I was surprised with a dead battery. Luckily, my aunt had insisted that I keep her jumper cables when my car wouldn’t start at her house (see Adventure Defined), and I was surrounded by other automobiles.

My Independence weekend adventure ended the way it started: too lazy to cook, eating at the local pizza place.

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