What kind of day has it been?

Bonus points if you know the reference in the title…

The past six weeks have been pretty intense. I have really wanted to do more posts about all of this, but I decided to half-ass it, since I would never get it all done if I did this in multiple posts.

So, six weeks ago I was living in a town of 7,000 people as a college student. Since then, I have graduated from college, and gotten a real job. … a profession, one might say. I have taken my car to four shops. The first to fix body damage, the second to try and fix some stuff, but just fuck it up worse instead, the third to actually get it running, and today the fourth to fix the rear brakes (the rear driver side caliper literally crumbled in the guy’s hands). I have also moved twice. The first time 530 miles from the town where I went to school to my parent’s house, the second 700 miles to one of the biggest cities in the world, where I only know three people.

I love New York, and I think I will do well at my new job, but I miss the hell out of Houghton, and the people there. Looking forward to see what the next six weeks hold (already known: probably traveling to Virginia for work, and my birthday. …also a three day weekend for Independence Day)


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