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Convert an Old Laptop Into a Digital Photo Frame (2: Hardware)

After getting the idea from this blog, I went to Walmart and found a basket to put the laptop board in. The laptop still needs the hard drive ( for now ), so I left that in, but removed the cd-rom and floppy drives. The heatsink was an issue. It has a giant piece of metal stuck to it, that was no longer vital, so I thought about ripping it off, until I realized I didn’t have a good way to attach the motherboard to the basket. I ended up cutting the wire connecting the speakers to the motherboard out, and wrapping them through the basket and around the weird metal piece. I didn’t get a good picture of what I am talking about, but you can see it a little bit in this picture.

I also used speaker wire to connect the fan to the heatsink, and the hard drive to a removable piece of the motherboard that has the power button and usb ports on it. Were the motherboard in the case, and not a basket from Walmart, it would be upside down in the above picture. You can also see that I ran the ethernet dongle and power through the slats in the basket. Unfortunately, I had to break some of the slats out, in order for them to be wide enough to fit things through.

Finally, the screen. I used electrical tape (only because that is what I had handy) to tape the screen to a piece of construction paper cut to fit the frame, and with a hole in it the size of the laptop screen.

In order to keep that in place, we just put the backing that came with the frame back on.

Then we screwed the basket to the frame, and all that was left was to configure the software.

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