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Convert an Old Laptop Into a Digital Photo Frame (1: Introduction)

When I was home for Christmas last year, I collected some old laptops. One of them was being used for jukebox (more on that later), but the rest just sat in the basement of my parent’s house.

While I was home this year, I decided to bring two more back. I am thinking about turning one into a carputer, since Ryder fixed it. The other I decided to turn into a digital photo frame. Unfortunately, the screen looks like crap, so I decided to turn that one into the new jukebox, and take the one that was being used as jukebox, and turn it into the photo frame, since it has a better screen.

The first step was to rip it out of the original casing. Then I installed DSL on it, since I didn’t want to put the CD drive in the final product. I thought about trying to do a USB stick install, but decided against it, since I wasn’t sure what the form factor of the final product would be, nor if it was even supported by the hardware.

After DSL was installed, Ryder and I figured out how to fit the computer into the case I chose. Finally, the DSL install had to be configured.

I will put two more posts up sooner or later about fitting the machine into the box, and configuring DSL properly.


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